Technical Specification of Silent Diesel (Kirloaskar) generating set

Diesel Engine: Kirloskar male diesel engine at 1500 rpm Air/water cooled, vertical, totally enclosed electric start, compression ignition, 4 strok multi-cylinder designed to run continuously at 1500 rpm complete with

  • Kirloskar make: Brushless Alternators.
  • Formed base plate
  • Powder coated sheet metal D.G Set control panel.
  • Removable sheet metal fuel tank with capacity for at least
  • Full load non-stop 8 hrs run.
  • Fuel level indicator
  • 12 volt battery of capacity compatible with the D.G set O/P temperature limits and engine mode ( 24 volt option available on Gen sets above 140 kVA rating)
  • Automatics shut down in case of fault detection.
  • Oil bath or dry type of air cleaner as applicable.
  • Exhaust silencer.
  • Fuel filter & Lube oil filter.
  • Water temperature & Lube oil temperature gauge.
  • Engine maintenance manual and drawings with spare parts list.

Alternator: Self exited, self regulated single/three phase, 240/415 volt, 50C/C, 1500 rpm screen protected, drip proof conforming to IS-4722/BS-2613 of Kirloskar.

CONTROL PANEL: The panel will be equipped as follows:

  • One ampere meter per phase with selector switch.
  • One voltmeter with selector switch.
  • Frequency meter
  • MCB (for below 45 KVA rating) or MCCB (for 45 KVA and above rating)
  • Pilot lamps for “load on” and “Set Running”
  • Incoming and outgoing terminals.

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